It all started with a broken pair of name brand sunglasses

In 2014, while traveling to Europe wearing a pair of expensive brand-not-to-be-named folding sunglasses that fell apart on my face as I got off of my Delta flight. The disappointment was exasperated by the fact that I purposefully went out and bought a new pair of sunglasses that would travel well and could be thrown in my back pack when they were not needed. I couldn't bear the thought of replacing this new pair of sunglasses for that same cost so I spent the trip unsuccessfully seeking an alternative pair of folding sunglasses.

So we set out to build our own...over the next year and a half, we spent countless hours developing our very own pair of Folding Classics with premium materials, strong tooling and high quality polarized lenses and the rest is history.

Since the launch of our flagship Foldies Folding Classics, we've teamed up with top eyewear designers to create five more core styles and will be launching many more styles in the future.

Here to do things differently than the big guys

Until now, there has been one option in the folding sunglasses game...and that option can cost you well over $175, but only gives you a limited selection. We are here to shake things up with the same high-quality materials at over half-of-the-price, more variety to match your personality and a two-year warranty.

new Foldies styles

What's inside our recycled packaging?

Since 2015 we've been continuously improving the quality of our sunglasses and accessories that ship to you inside of our ♻️ recycled retail packaging. Today you'll find TR90 plastic frames, which are shatterproof and stronger than typical polycarbonate with scratch-resistant CR39 polarized lenses. Each pair includes a premium leather carrying case and microfiber cleaning cloth.

About Foldies Recycling