Foldies Customer Reviews

With thousands of pairs sold, Foldies remain the only folding sunglasses that average a five star rating. Take a look at our Foldies customer reviews.

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Great Product...Super Value

Great product ...Price for this quality and polarized lens is really excellent

Love them

These sunglasses are awesome

Great craftsmanship

I ordered a pair for my husband for Christmas and am thinking of getting myself a pair as they fold up so small. Great quality. Good value too!

Value for money

Owned a pair of Roav before which worn out after a yr (lens got scratched despite using the silicon case every time), and wanted a pair more for outdoor so tried Foldies (Black Friday sales gave me that kick too). Satisfied, though the lens aren't as dark as I thought while they get fogged when wearing a mask.

I knew that it doesn't fold up to the size of a Roav, so it doesn't fit into my clutch.

Love them!

Super stylish

Love them!

Bought several pairs for myself and as gifts. The fit is wonderful, especially for a smaller head and face. Love how compact they fold up. And, they just look cool!

Amazing space saver

These fold very well and save a ton of space in my backpack. They are pretty sturdy as well.

I want to give a 5

The pair I received seems to be bent or off a little bit, but there probably one of the best quality and feeling of all my glasses and im a vonzipper, Oakley gal, id recommend for sure and will be investing in others


They are beautiful, good quality sunglasses. They feel and look great!


They are great quality shades, and they look great on my 11 year old son! I borrow them as well and look great!

Foldies Polarized Folding Aviators


Love, fit perfectly, light weight!

Super awesome!

These glasses are amazing! My only complaint, and not the glasses fault, is since being polarized, I can no longer see my heads up display in my car with them on. But this is with any polarized glasses. Almost perfect!

Great glasses

Great glasses, especially the polarized part.
Could use a little less bulk on the upper frame but overall very nice for the price.

Best glassware

Great quality sunglasses couldn’t ask for more. Great boxing as well.

Great looking !!

These are my first pair and they look great!! Awesome color with high quality! I love the folding design!

Solid Experience

First order broke upon shipping, and it took almost two weeks to get back to me, but that was mostly because of a misunderstanding on the billing address and the shipping address being different. Got the second pair 4 days after resolving the issue, and they hold up well. Fit is a bit tight for me, and the lens themselves is a little too dark. But they are worth the price and a solid choice over Ray-Ban or Persol folders.

Foldies Polarized Folding Milanos

Love them, lightweight and sturdy

I debated between these and aviators and I am so happy with the milanos! I love how theyre lighter than metal frames


I love these shades. How the fold. How they look and how they fit! Very stylish!!

Stylish and functional!

Love these folding sunglasses, because when you wear them, they don't look any different from normal, stylish browlines. However, they are super easy to pack up in the small carrying case they provide and are feel like they are really good quality that will last a really long time. Very impressed and happy with the purchase.

Won’t be my last pair.

I’ve never bought a pair of quality higher priced sunglasses without trying them on first, but I decided to gamble on these. Hit the jackpot.

Perfect Sunglasses

Great Sunglasses & Great Customer Service


The quality is just as good as Ray Bans but half the cost

A good pair of sunglasses at a great price!

I think these are a great quality pair of sunglasses for the price. I was going to buy folding clubmaster from ray ban, however them being 200$+ I wasn’t too convinced. Then I stumbled onto these on Instagram. Pretty much the same design sunglasses for a fraction of the price. And they look so smooth! Definitely recommend foldies to anyone looking for stylish and affordable sunglasses.