Foldies HepTEK™ Lenses

Foldies HepTek Seven Layer Lenses

Our proprietary HepTEK™ lenses consist of seven layers using the most advanced technology available for ophthalmic lenses today.

The diallyl glycol carbonate lens include a solid polarization core for superior glare protection, and the lenses offer 100% full-spectrum UV protection, including UVA, UVB and UV400. The combination of polarization and 100% UV protection allows for better and brighter vision without eyestrain.

Our lenses are EU Category 3 lenses with a visible light transmission rating of 15%, and meet all US ANSI z80.3 standards, including the FDA advanced impact test.

These lightweight lenses provide you the same quality as glass without the weight and fragility.  When you hold and look through our proprietary HepTEK lenses you'll feel the difference. 

HepTEK™ Seven Layer Lens System:

  1.  Inner Scratch Resistant Layer
  2. Inner Shatterproof Layer
  3. Inner 100% UV Protection Layer (UV400)
  4. Polarized Glare Protection Core
  5. Outer 100% UV Protection Mirror Layer (UV400)
  6. Outer Shatterproof Layer
  7. Outer Scratch Resistant Layer

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