4 Folding Sunglasses For People Who Are Always Losing Their Sunglasses

Everyone is always a little bit wary about buying sunglasses that cost more than a cup of coffee...Usually becaues you're a klutz who's constantly dropping, scratching, or throwing your shades into your bag unprotected because the case was too bulky or you're just losing them because you don't want to hold on to them when you don't need them.

It's time you discovered folding sunglasses, and change your sunglasses game forever.

Although you may still have a propensity for destruction, you'll have a much harder time scratching or destroying folding sunglasses. They fold up into a delightfully small leather package, which makes them easier to safely store in a pocket or bag. It's also nice to minimize the amount of bulk in said bag.

With folding sunnies, you don't have to sacrifice style or personality for practicality either because, you'll find find that we have lots of options for foldable shades, all with great customer reviews.

If you're sick of scratching your lenses or regularly leaving your shades on restaurant tables and park benches, our folding sunglasses with our seven-layer HepTek™ lenses will be a game changer. From classic favorites to retro looks, here are four of the best folding sunglasses out there.

ONE. Folding Aviator Sunglasses

Folding Aviator Sunglasses

Perhaps the most recognizable look in the sunglasses market, these Aviators have been reimagined to be more practical than ever, we've introduced the folding aspect. The logical and obvious use for polarized folding sunglasses is when you're traveling or drivng — when you might need something robust yet small enough to throw into an overstuffed pack or pocket (leather case included). Though that is a giant benefit of these polarized folding aviator sunglasses, these are still stylish and simple enough to wear with every.single.outfit.

TWO. Folding Square Frame Sunglasses

Clear Frame Folding Wayfarer

Our square folding sunglasses known as our Folding Classics were designed to be classically stylish and pocket-sized. Wearing these sunglasses will definitely help you channel a surfer vibe, even if you're just walking down the sidewalk instead of riding a wave. These folding sunglasses are extremely versatile for any situation, beach, golf course, day date, you get the idea. Pick from the most iconic tortoise shell or mix it up with a clear frame and mirror blue lens.

THREE. Semi-Rimless Folding Browline Sunglasses

Folding Clubmaster Sunglasses

In another perfect example of melding classic retro design with modern practicality, we also take a stab at the classic half-rimmed, making it better with our great folding style. Our version of the folding browlines are slightly more modern than their non-folding counterparts, but the extra functionality is totally a game-changer.

FOUR. Retro Round Folding Sunglasses

Retro Folding Round Sunglasses

The folding sunglasses are made of a sturdy, light metal and available in a huge variety of fun, bright colors and polarized lenses, from these fun gold frame with copper mirror lens to a more classic look with our silver frame with black lens.

There's a longer history of folding sunglasses than you might imagine, but that also means there are lots of classic and retro-inspired styles to choose from. So if you're sick of smashing and scratching your shades, what are you waiting for? The answer to your woes lies right here with Foldies folding sunglasses and with so many great options, plus, our two-year worry-free sunglasses warranty, there's no good reason not to get a pair.

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